by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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There was an idea behind this, until my friend Zane came around and the drinking started again. Then it became just another doodle of colourful things.

I never thought I'd say that, but damn, it's too sunny recently. I only have windows in the roof where I live on the top floor, and I'm not even sure how to cover them.

I've been actually animating a bit recently (sadly, it seems that I need to start working again), meaning: on paper, with a peg bar and stuff. It feels funny, I don't even have a desk, just a coffee table. Not having anywhere to line test I had to flip things to kind of see them. Proper 'back to the roots' fun with cider and spiders. I'll go to the Edinburgh college and get on their rostrum some time to check it, but it will be fine. My ego's too big to doubt it.



Spider in my tea: that really happened few days ago, before I got too busy to take notice of things happening anyway.

It feels summery recently, is it summer yet? You know, warm, and with lots of alcohol consumed, and lots of people visiting, lots of various parties, with animators, or any other bums.

I'm trying to get myself to work, and I can't believe it's the end of the week already, which means, bloody weekend in the bar. I didn't get a chance to recover from the previous one yet. Strangest thing ever, my work piled up. Considering I'm a mix of a workaholic that can never sleep until everything's finished, and a lazy bum that never takes too much work anyway, that's very strange.



Back home, and God I hope to stay here for some time now, please...
Annecy was good, we've seen a lot, we've meet lots of folks (very nice and interesting ones, more interesting that any of the films), it's been sunny and warm, full of blooming roses, the water was wonderful, and I've learned things. About France: that for some reason, they keep their grocery shops hidden (no joking, really hidden), that one should better give away their fags to whoever asks them for it, and that you can drink in the park, that was wonderful news for us. Another thing I learned would be my limit of how long I can stay surrounded by people 24h a day. Yeah, I must be antisocial, and I admired my friend I was with (Will Anderson, who won student category, by the way!) how he could cope with so many people everywhere, all the time. Exhausting. Yeah, I'm an artistic wuss. 
Here we go, Annecy was very educational. 
But overwhelming. I'm still overwhelmed. Oh my…
I have temporary fear of people now, and I need to get over it soon, back to reality: my bar, and my silly animation. 

That's some random Tosca, because I - like most of us bloody 'artist' - have to force myself to produce something every day, and then I end up with random hardly ambitious drawings. We've been to see 'Tosca' for my birthday two weeks ago.



am I being a real bad loser for not being bothered to go to Hiroshima Animation Festival? I've been taking to my friend about it, and I was a bit like: noo, I'd need to get a passport, I don't have a passport. And it would cost a lot of money (good point, but she got me with: you can get that money back), and it's so far away, I hate flying, I absolutely hate flying, and I need to do so much of it anyway, and Japan is soooo far. It's probably soooo cool too, but… soooo far.
Now that she pointed out I'm just being outrageously lazy bum not to take this opportunity, I'm having second thoughts.
Yeah, it probably is a great place to go. On the other hand, I'm really bad  with 'travelling' in general, by train, plane, whatever, I didn't got to Glasgow for BAFTAs or Glasgow Short Film Fest, in a way because I'd rather avoid travelling, and that's just an hour away in a train!
I think I'll wait till they develop teleporting a bit.

And here's my Jubilee contribution, and my general political opinion on the whole Scottish Independence idea: oh really people, can't you see how beautiful Union Jack is as an image? I think it may be my favourite piece of graphic design ever, and I'm simply worried that if Scotland gets out they may get it changed is someone's too zealous. That would make me sad.