by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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9876: giffing

So here, making gifs became my thing this year. It’s a good exercise, allows to jump between styles every week (unlike real deal animation when you’re stuck in one thing for a month before you realise it’s been a year already). I publish those monstrosities on tumblr. Real world commissions are in most cases owned by clients anyway, so I can’t post much of those.
Freedom of freelancing kicks in a bit too, so I’ve been able to travel more this year, see some inspiring things. I’ve not managed to get to southern hemisphere yet. Which I regret. But I will get there some time. I got sunburn anyway, that's something, for an animator. God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world, pretty much.



gif put together out of bits from work. I like making gifs. But I make them too long. And who the heck make gifs on 24fps anyway...?



things I do to save my soul from being devoured by work. little bird says I'll have a break in May. But he's a compulsive liar, so I wouldn't bet on anything solid.



maybe you can get my stench in this, maybe.