by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
For the portfolio of my work visit:



That's a rather random watercolour of characters from my degree film number 2, one of these things I make when I don't want to animate, and try to avoid feeling guilty for not being productive. Another think of this sort is this wee film I put together, using supportive materials I gathered so far. I'm well bad with documenting the process of making this film, I don't even have a sketchbook.

I used some Sarah Keeling's footage, and some of my own silly things here. Bits of work in progress, bits of final scenes, and such.



happy Romanian Spring Day!
and how much do I know about Romanian Spring Day? Nothing at all, and yet, the arrogant me just got given the most wonderful martisor ever. Well, it was the first one I've seen in my life too, but it doesn't mean it's not amazing, cos it is. Check the pictures:

These are pressed dried flowers in resin, and there's a pin at the back so I can... actually, Oana, whom I got it from, she told me to stop showing off. Maybe she won't see this blog... Maybe...
well anyway, it's the most beautiful martisor ever!

And here's some boring pictures from the dark place where I dwell:

setting up a wee close up scene:

and you've gotta clean after yourself. twelve times a second:

I think that's all I wanted. Just to show off, really. Animation's going alright, dissertation's going alright. I looked at the map yesterday, thinking of where the hell will I be in July. Even London seemed so unbelievably far away. Scotland feels so cozy.