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I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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am I being a real bad loser for not being bothered to go to Hiroshima Animation Festival? I've been taking to my friend about it, and I was a bit like: noo, I'd need to get a passport, I don't have a passport. And it would cost a lot of money (good point, but she got me with: you can get that money back), and it's so far away, I hate flying, I absolutely hate flying, and I need to do so much of it anyway, and Japan is soooo far. It's probably soooo cool too, but… soooo far.
Now that she pointed out I'm just being outrageously lazy bum not to take this opportunity, I'm having second thoughts.
Yeah, it probably is a great place to go. On the other hand, I'm really bad  with 'travelling' in general, by train, plane, whatever, I didn't got to Glasgow for BAFTAs or Glasgow Short Film Fest, in a way because I'd rather avoid travelling, and that's just an hour away in a train!
I think I'll wait till they develop teleporting a bit.

And here's my Jubilee contribution, and my general political opinion on the whole Scottish Independence idea: oh really people, can't you see how beautiful Union Jack is as an image? I think it may be my favourite piece of graphic design ever, and I'm simply worried that if Scotland gets out they may get it changed is someone's too zealous. That would make me sad.

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