by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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(I really set off with "let's just make a quick doodle with max 4 flat colours, then 2 hours passed I don't know when and suddenly I had that. I'm over-doing this recently)

My first 'job' in my life, I got paid in chocolate and kind, when I was a young teenage I was re-painting names on old graves where the paint faded or crumbled away. It was the most fun job in my life, and last year I have worked on a series for Disney Channel.

It was done in October, so they're renovated for All Saints in November, so it was freezing cold, especially sitting on the grave stones. That's the part I wasn't proud of, but one just had to sit on them, there was no way of doing it standing up for so many hours. So sat there, cleaned the stone of all dirt and meticulously painted letter after letter, thinking about these people and times, so long gone. And I'd warm my hands over the candle flame. That was probably what gave me an idea I'd want to study conservation and renovation of art at the time.

I would do it again, it was cold, but really peaceful.

For someone who doesn't even speak Polish that well, I'm feeling very Polish this time of the year. Quite likely because I despise Halloween: it's loud fun and about zombies. When All Saint's all quiet, mournful contemplation of the mystery of life. But for all I know, they may be celebrating Halloween in Poland nowadays too. One Halloween thing I approve of is pumpkin pie, just because I'm a baker. 

(for an artist, I'm utterly rubbish at decorating cakes)



I had this dream the other night, I was wearing a wedding dress, and there was noise of a party in some other room. This boy was lying near me on the sofa, asleep under the blanket. Like children do, left on parties. I tucked him in and said that I needed to go now to get married, but as I tried to move, I realised he wasn't asleep - I heard him crying quietly, not wanting to let me go, but being a brave little solider about it.

I didn't want him to cry, but at the same time it was charming, how he cared.

There are two golden boys in my life. One should soon be receiving "Sticker Dressing Soldiers" I posted him for his birthday. I've never been able to attend any birthday party of neither of them, such is life.

* * *

Also, I'm due an advert, since she made me a commission and didn't charge me: Chrisina Fung's Etsy Shop:

She made ma a HazOwl brooch! Here's a place to get a cool personalised gift, and it's cheapy too, like, comparing to average shop prices for things.

(I probably should also mention Cat Bruce's shop. I've not asked her to make anything for me, but I have two t-shirts decorated by her, back from college times)



I like Regina Spektor, and this song in particular resonates so real. Quick doodle in between other various things that occupy me.



The place I always complain about because of my complaining nature (it's a Polish national heritage, the art of complaining, so I'm bound to cultivate that). A video I made from bits I recorded while working, so it's not all good.



At the bar we've got an un-complete set of Avedon’s Beatles. Lennon, Harrison and Starr. I thought maybe it's some sort of statement, to exclude McCartney. Nothing of this sort, as Jim said: "some wee c*nt pinched Paul McCartney off the wall. Didn't want the rest of them, just Paul McCartney".

And that's how Whistle Binkies was left with a three-quarter of the Beatles. The end.

(I'm working on something else, will be back shortly)



Yesterday was a important day, and today is just another day after that.
 Becoming more and more doodlish, and flowers again. But there's so many flowers in my room now. And for just a brief spell, it's sunny too.

A big parcel arrived from Hiroshima today, with catalogue and promotional materials, all this little Japanese signs look cute. And the whole design's so nice.

Check this out, it's just a bit of the participation certificate, not a big deal, but it's probably the most tasteful, beautiful looking diploma I ever got in my life.



A doodle is all I seem to be able of producing. Oh my. Maybe later.



when I was a child, sunflowers used to be my favourite flowers.
and since I grew up, it's roses. 

I never gave it much thought, until recently someone told me sunflowers were their favourite flowers. Never have I noticed this symbolism before.   

At some point in my life, I'd be very happy to have a garden where I'd grow roses.

And an old German map, a picture I found in a book. Wonderful piece of design.