by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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I have lived without Internet in my flat for a month now. It is somehow detoxing. I realise how little I really need it, how well I can get around just checking my email once a week somewhere. I don't have time for this anyway: real busy working in the model-making team (or, officially, the art department) at Kolik. Sometimes it's tough, but we're making some really amazing stuff there, and you know: when I'm tired on the bus home, I think to myself - "how lucky I got myself tired making beautiful things". It's also a good team there; they kick me out if I stay and eagerly work too long (for now…). The talk is of pickled chicken, stations and stationery.

Artists, keep busy.



busy busy busy.
I got my first job in an animation studio. Model making on a top secret stop motion production :) So top secret, that even myself, I don't know what it's called.


nocturnal in August part 2

Absolutely exhausted working till 6am in the bar way too often. It doesn't leave one much time for being depressed, so I need to catch up on this.

Check this out. They got the title wrong (I guess it's my fault for making too many films), but it's the thought that counts.

I also have just watched the last Harry Potter. I was delaying
it, because I don't like crowds, and even all the love for Alan Rickman's way of speaking without moving his upper lip couldn't make me get over the fear of ending up in a cinema full of loud teenagers. I love Snape so. Sketchy drawing I made before going to work last time:
From now on I'm going to be doing some model-making, which should make me busy like hell, but also pay my bills.


nocturnal in August

the worst thing about my new flat is that just outside, 5 meters away, I can buy four cans of my favourite lager for £5.50. I can get it for £4.00 if I go a bit further (but that's a proper 20 minute walk). The second bad thing about my new flat is that it's so warm that I can't drink tea like I normally would, I have to have cold fizzy drinks. There comes the lager. Since I moved in my consumption of it grew around five times… The third bad thing about my new flat are seagulls, I only moved like 3 miles towards the seaside, and there's so many of them, so loud between 4-7 n the morning. But I've been told I would get used to that soon and I won't hear them at all.

All the other things about my new flat are good so far. I even found out how to turn
my letting agency's screw-up that led to me not having warm water (two weeks a counting now) to my advantage.

I'm doing some intense bar work at the moment (really intense, Edinburgh during the festival, oh yes my darlings, the world is unpleasant for those coming back from work after 6am, by the time I wake up and get ready, places are closing already), and soon I am to hopefully do some intense model-making work. I'm really looking forward to that, but it's a shush-shush-secret now (let's not jinx things). In case you didn't know (I didn't, it only came to my attention few weeks ago), I have become a stop-motion animator in this severe times of the recession. Haha.
my hair really grew quite a bit while I wasn't looking. The ones on my head.