by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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I've done it, but then as I turned away I started laughing at both him and myself, so in the end I have smiled.



Some time ago I worked at Kolik Ltd. If I ever learned anything there, it was that it's ok to listen to Ben Folds and admit it out loud.
I, for example, adore Paul McCartney. You can judge me now. That's not even the most embarrassing thing from stuff I like.

Young, little, early Beatle-time one.
Maybe some Wings-time some other time. Maybe not.
Something to cheer myself up with.



I don't want to say anything about it yet. Maybe later.

I'm ill again.



Flipping through my very old skeetchbooks, back from the times when I thought I'd be a scientist and I tried to study for A levels. What a joke that was. Even tho that's my own writing, I have no idea what it all mean anymore, other than it's some kind of electricity/voltage stuff. I used to be smart, before I realised it wasn't really worth it. Still, I like all my old notes from physics and chemistry, they look cool, like some magical formulas. And I doodle my classmates while doing all this. My notebooks are full of portraits of my classmates and my teachers.

R was explaining to me things about his exciting automatic rig or whatever the other day, so maybe knowing this stuff is worth something after all.