by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Many things and no-things are happening. Nice Edinburgh spring, hailing, and raining, and sunny too - all one can ask for. Had adventures with doctors (pirates and scientists), but it seems like I'm getting real better. Never liked them, doctors, poking you here and there and acting all mighty like they know stuff about your own self better than you do.

In the meantime, while ago, but I never yet got to mention it, Gaz (and Pete) won BAFTA New Talent Scotland for all the noise they made for "An Interrupted Story" - dashing times:

and I got someone writing nice things about me here.

And some shitty strip at the end, not sure if it actually works at all. It worked back then, the guy looked like he was * r e a l * e x c i t e d about that band . . .


9079 /P. Gauguin:1897

I love history, I believe that knowing origins of things helps comprehending them. Both on personal level of one's feelings, and in general: socially, politically, economically: tomorrow's a result of today, that's a result of yesterday.
I don't want to dismiss yesterday.
Whether we like or not, we've been created by the culture of this and that.
Whether I'm to be proud of this heritage or not, I want to respect it.

It makes me feel a bit lonely in the world that's looking mostly into producing the force to drive the today. On the other hand, it is a form of carpe diem (ironically, such unpopular knowledge as of latin and ancient history required to describe it...). It's all great, but god*, don't let us become a generation that came from nowhere, or we may be going nowhere too.

Chocolate sickens me more than burning incense used to when I was little.

*figuratively, in spite of the traditionalistic tone of this note, and Easter time.



a bit of blowing the studio's I worked in trumpet:
you know how I was dead to the animation world last half a year? That was mainly thanks to this super fun production:

read the rest of it here

There's another one here too.

And this is why they call me the Fast And Furious Pony of the East: