by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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too busy to update. Some stuff flying around festivals. And such.

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I like things old-fashioned. I don't know what's so appealing about them.
I'm spending evenings watching films about and in a way, from the past. Like Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.

But I must admit, I prefer modern Jude Law as Watson. Funny detail I noticed watching the old series: Jude Law features in one of the episodes, as a servant/stable boy. In 20 year time he has made it into the Watson.

As for the preoccupying every day life, I'm still in gainful and sweet employment at film/animation studio, only that in past few weeks I've been moved from model-making into storyboarding and animating. It's generally great. Sometimes the routine of Monday-Friday job leaves me drained, as if would any "artist" (even a piss artist like myself). Sometimes, on the other hand, I remember all these years at school, being scolded for stupid doodling when there were far more important things to concentrate on: reptiles' digestive system, Shakespeare in algebra or organic chemistry. And, oh irony, what do I end up doing for living if not doodling? I should have been doodling more intensely, maybe I'd do better.

On all the other matters, Edinburgh's still as beautiful as it has always been, and the autumn surely is my favourite season. I have one unfortunate busker under my window, he appears there much too often, and the only thing to admire is his sheer persistence, to keep singing without any talent at all: surely not one person must have told him to shut up already. If you happen to know the busker guy (sometimes accompanied by some friend) singing on the corner of Rose and Castle St in Edinburgh, oh please tell him to shut up. On some occasions I have considered giving him money so he'd go away…

I'm combing unhealthy thoughts, drinking tea, or wine, baking some stuff and living meaninglessly, just the usual. My films are getting into various festivals, but I don't even have time to keep track of that, not to mention, to go and attend anything. I'll try to look into it. God bless busy live.



I was thinking of many things this week. Of Stalin's crimes, the crimes of my own, of being an artist, and its role in the society. Of how beautiful Edinburgh is every day as I see it going to work. Of the pointlessness of life (although on this subject I didn't get anywhere, as you can imagine).

Things are changing, I passed by Edinburgh College of Art: its orange got a bit paler with Edinburgh University signs. I am a busy, busy person, which is probably good. Only that I can't answer emails properly and on time.

During the weekends I'm still in the bar. It's not bad, only bad thing is that I didn't have a single day off in past two months yet, and it doesn't seem like I'm getting any till Christmas. But the bar is fun too, it's not a bad luck to be there, really.