by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
For the portfolio of my work visit:



I'm moving the flat. I'm planning to get internet in my new place some time, but then, when I spend like two days without it... you realise how much time I waste having internet now. I'll need that at some point: hell, I need it to work, but I'm not really in a hurry to get it yet.

I'm constantly sleepy. Bar work is soul and relationship-destructive for me recently.



silly things happen all the time. And that's not the only trouble Magners caused in our bar.

I'm moving the house. Mission, mission. All this stuff, makes one wish they could just pack all their belongings in one bag and walk away - but not, there's so much tying us down.

Good news, remember Cindy Derby and "Edward's House of String" me and my classmate worked on last autumn? It's gonna be part of the program for the 2011 New Original Works Festival at the REDCAT in Los Angeles this September. See the power of Edinburgh College of Art, you, America!

In the meantime, another little commission going on:

rave it is.


8814: bar doll

I'm posting so much recently. Just cos I draw more. I used to draw a wee comic about a barmaid (based on my own experience of that wonderful job) in my third year in college. Now that I'm back in that bar, I may get back to drawing. Only that this time, I may as well publish it.

No, his question was actually rather boring and disappointing. No, it wasn't about where the toilets were, tho.



that's how it is. Another stop-motion commission to work on next week. I'm running here and there, not really fitting anywhere.

yes, life's funny. One can become a hypocrite stop motion animator just like that. Ok, I guess you need to be an animation graduate to get the "joke", and I can't afford to explain it now. It's rolling. I'm sleepy.



Back in the bar, flat and job hunting still. Freelance life - things get turned around from day to day. I can't tell the up from down. Or maybe it's that vodka. Oh yeah, did I mention I was back in the bar I used to work before? It's not bad.

a sketch of Cat Bruce, my classmate. I drew that like two months ago, but never got around to scan it.

here you can watch the video I was working on recently. Sorry for youtube quality. Considering it took me two days to make, I'm quite happy with it. Bright colours, everything happy and sparkling.



First about the project I did a while ago for Avital Ash: it's still not officially out (the opening titles will be available with the film), but here you can see a wee preview of work in progress:

Also, a stop motion animation advert (yes, I am a stop motion animator now. It came as as surprise to me as well) that should be out quite soon (this week probably), I'll post it here, but for now, here are some stills:

These dolls are really adorable. At first I was a bit like: that's a shift, I just finished a video about suicide (the Kaleidoscope), and I'm in the happy world of dolls, but playing with them was great. They're produced by local Edinburgh company.

Personal live: trying to get a flat. Oh my I want to get a flat... I hope it's not gonna be a nightmare - you know, cos many people are renting them just for the festival in August, and August is just when I need to move. The joy of living in Edinburgh.