by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Animation is a sticky poo. It's something on the edge of many religions, it's a bit of everything in a wide meanings of 'fine art' and 'visual entertainment'. I thought I was regarding it more as art, less as design, hence my choice of alma mater. Of course one needs to pay taxes for the doubtful pleasure of being alive, and therefore embrace the commercial side of animation to pay the bills.

I've been thinking recently of all this film making I've been known to be doing. Like: what's the point, and such. Really, there isn't much point, yet the effort is enormous, so the balance's not quite right. And it's not about making them any different way, so they're more this or that. Like, maybe less obscure, less arty-farty. That doesn't bother me, actually. It's the pointlessness of producing fine art in general, and depths of the animation industry swamps that easily get one caught in technical details. So it becomes less and less about art, up to the day when you find yourself fascinated by a new camera lens or a video codec and nothing else. I sometimes get an impression we're stonemasons who, obsessed with sculpting the most meticulously patterned pillar, lost sight of the god they were building the temple for.

So I sometimes wonder if I should do something else. But I'm a damn animator. Hopeless case.

I guess I'll just continue to make films. My hair grow whether I like it or not, and so are the films - that can't be helped. Oh dear…

Also, here's another tea 'poem' I found in my old sketchbook. Worry not, rest of them seems mostly too personal to be published so it's not a new fashion.

Yes, my life's about drinking tea a lot.



that's a scan from my old sketchbook, from some years ago, college days. I've been going through them, sketchbooks, to look for something that would remind me why exactly I become an animator, but I failed. Oh my. I found other stuff tho, like this:

and this one it's more current, just from few days ago:



yes, their staff does shine.
I wasn't in that particular one since then, and I shan't for the rest of the month. Somehow, I don't like the idea of being recognised. Luckily, living in the very center of the town, I'm spoiled for choice of coffee houses. This one was just the closest one.