by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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snow in Warsaw

I've been travelling alot through Poland recently. now i'm back home in Edinburgh, which stays covered with snow. it's not even that cold, and looks beautiful. or maybe, nothing's cold after two weeks in Poland.

atheist christmas eve party we had in Warsaw

drinking amzazing coffee that my flatmate Georgi is so good at making, thinking of the summer. a while ago me and one of my friends had this idea of going for a trip around the world. as we obviously don't have that kind of money, we decided to start with Europe to get some experience. back then, his girlfriend was really against that madness so i think i kind of gave up on the idea, but now it changed and i got excited again. it would cost us both alot of money that any normal student should be saving up working during the summer, but we're only young once.

it's snowing alot again, my window overlooks the Meadows, it look great.

what i really should be doing, is the essay, and the animatic for my next film. i also have a lot of work behind the bar, as the festive season is rather busy. way too much work, so i drink coffee and walk the dog in the snow. i like it.

i've been nominated for RTS Student Award Scotland. i somehow hope i'm not gonna get it (i'm well bad with gettin awards, i always get extremely shy and probably seem like a dumb child), not yet, but i'm excited for the trip to Glasgow. the truth is, i have never been to Glasgow before.
happy hogmanay.