animation and things

by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Last season of “Ooglies” - a stop motion show I’ve been working on won a BAFTA last night. It’s some British Award type of thing, or so I’m told. Sounds swell ꒰๑•‧̮ૣ•ૣ๑꒱
(yes, swell enough to put an emoji like that indeed)

And I’m good, just doing little things, like an ant, or a bee, putting little pieces together every day to make a cool film. I will make a cool film, by the way. But heck knows when it will be actually finished.. some day.

I’m a bit saddened by some attitudes towards recent international events. A bit worried. And apparently, I’ve became a happy-go-lucky left wing idealist, so I’ve been told. Like it’s a bad thing..



Gravity pulls you down, it’s a fact;
the way you spell “down”, it’s a rule;
which was is “down” it’s an assumption based on our perspective.

Just thought I should write something meaningful once a year. Because I’m waiting for the sun to cross the sky, and deciding what cake should I bake tomorrow. Also, because I appreciate separating facts from all those whatnots passing themselves as facts if we’re not careful.

Apparently, Earth orbits the Sun.
Thinking ourselves centre of the Universe, we create East and West.



9876: giffing

So here, making gifs became my thing this year. It’s a good exercise, allows to jump between styles every week (unlike real deal animation when you’re stuck in one thing for a month before you realise it’s been a year already). I publish those monstrosities on tumblr. Real world commissions are in most cases owned by clients anyway, so I can’t post much of those.
Freedom of freelancing kicks in a bit too, so I’ve been able to travel more this year, see some inspiring things. I’ve not managed to get to southern hemisphere yet. Which I regret. But I will get there some time. I got sunburn anyway, that's something, for an animator. God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world, pretty much.



gif put together out of bits from work. I like making gifs. But I make them too long. And who the heck make gifs on 24fps anyway...?



things I do to save my soul from being devoured by work. little bird says I'll have a break in May. But he's a compulsive liar, so I wouldn't bet on anything solid.



maybe you can get my stench in this, maybe.