by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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 Just as I get over the post-festival cold and exhaustion, I'll be back among the living. I thought I was due an update on my bitchy bar-tender alter-ego, especially that it's in her skin I spent most of August. Quick one from yesterday night:

Like, you don't go to, for example, a bank, or a post office, come to the counter and then turn to chat to your friends for few minutes. First of all, because there's a bunch of people waiting to be server behind you, and also, it's a bit disrespectful, isn't it? For some reason these rules don't apply in many bars.
Also, I don't know why some people think it's a good idea to mess with those who are supposed to be taking care or your drunken self, like bar- and door-staff.
£1 for every minute you ignore me, biatch.
(I am evil) 



yeah, I have a metal peg-bar, yeah.

I like weeds. Dandelions, thistles, heather and such. A while ago, I found this super cute dandelion greeting card, I bought it just so I can look at it, maybe when I'm sad I'll send it to myself.



Here's what I'm doing this August:

Rolling over and back again the map of US (very educational), animating dandelions on the moon, cutting out fairies and other things soon, drawing vicorian war trains, washing mountains of glass and pouring pints with the other hand till 5 in the morning. Unblocking sinks, cleaning sick, visiting embassies, coping with the festival traffic in Edinburgh, certainly not sleeping, not nearly as much as I'd want to. And on top of all this, the world is full of vicious people who peer pressure me to go for a drink.

One would have thought I'd be fine, but being in the ramming centre of town, and working in hospitality, I can't handle Edinburgh in August, I really can't. 

If I ever get out of here
thought of giving it all away
to a registered charity
all I need is a pint a day
if I ever get out of here.
If we ever get out of here.



My friend sent me this video to watch. I didn't know this stuff about schools, oh, it;s disgusting! Sitting with other kids?! I didn't like my school enough just as it was, now it seems like hell...

But from more important and actually relevant stuff, "An Interrupted Story" got into Hiroshima, and that's so incredibly cool. Too bad I won't be able to be there (no passport, I am a loser), but come on, check out these names there, big deal.

Rubbish time, just lost my wallet (convinced it was pick-pocketed, damn), and my id, and it is just a drag to get your id done when you're a foreigner. It really is.

I will get myself to create more non-commercial stuff, I will. For now, flowers are so unoffensive.