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I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Back home, and God I hope to stay here for some time now, please...
Annecy was good, we've seen a lot, we've meet lots of folks (very nice and interesting ones, more interesting that any of the films), it's been sunny and warm, full of blooming roses, the water was wonderful, and I've learned things. About France: that for some reason, they keep their grocery shops hidden (no joking, really hidden), that one should better give away their fags to whoever asks them for it, and that you can drink in the park, that was wonderful news for us. Another thing I learned would be my limit of how long I can stay surrounded by people 24h a day. Yeah, I must be antisocial, and I admired my friend I was with (Will Anderson, who won student category, by the way!) how he could cope with so many people everywhere, all the time. Exhausting. Yeah, I'm an artistic wuss. 
Here we go, Annecy was very educational. 
But overwhelming. I'm still overwhelmed. Oh my…
I have temporary fear of people now, and I need to get over it soon, back to reality: my bar, and my silly animation. 

That's some random Tosca, because I - like most of us bloody 'artist' - have to force myself to produce something every day, and then I end up with random hardly ambitious drawings. We've been to see 'Tosca' for my birthday two weeks ago.

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