by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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It's my nameday today. I forgot, my mum reminded me. It used to be such a big celebration - second Christmas -  for my family in Zamosc, because it is my granny's nameday too. It was warm, children would climb trees, and we'd stay out in the gardens and plait wreaths, a long time ago in the enchanted middle of nowhere's midsummer night's dream.



busy busy busy time. That's something I found on my computer, dated 2006, and I just thought I'd finish it, so I did yesterday. That was the long ago, before I went to art college, when I had to do many rubbish still life drawings and paintings. Can't remember if that woman was inspired by someone who really was in the studio back then, or I drew it just to make it more interesting.

Anyway, I shouldn't make it know I'm finding time to doodle, the truth is - I'm not. Every spare moment I work on something, but I just had to make something beautiful.



All of a sudden someone seemed to decide it's 'summer' in Scotland, and although it's far from sunny, I'm starting to be coming home at some stupid a.m. in the morning every morning. This season of the year when I nearly live in the bar. In between then I'm juggling quite a number of various 'freelance artist' jobs. For an anti-social, sour and depressed person I believe myself to be, I am bloody engaged with the world. 

Cosmic Apple is actually one of the frames from what I've been animating, but I screwed it up, couldn't use it, went bored and coloured it all. Now I really can't use it at all. I'm being so colourful recently.

Also, I'm ill again. I have not been ill for two months, which is the longest that I remember.