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I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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I'm away.
I'm doing lots of flying, and I hate flying. I'm listening to McCartney's 'Ram' and I love it. I heard it on LP, but it'd good to have a CD on iPod too so he and Wainwright can hush me to sleep on the plane.

In the meantime, for few days it was Zwierzyniec lager outside on the abandoned railway station where lying in the tall grass one can see so many stars. Now it's red wine. We'll see what the next week brings.

And in the meantime of meantimes, I am also growing old, but I'm not really good at this.

Don't have much to show for myself just now. I re-watched 'Avatar' cartoon, thanks to Kri. I needed to skip through some more embarrassing bits (when each of those teenager had some trauma to sort out, please…), but overall, as an animator, I love watching all the fights. I like the way you move it!
(Funny, some time ago I've been to see 'Avengers' and I said it was ok, but the fighting was so long and so boring. Not nearly as sexy, smooth and energetic as in 'Avatar'. I guess that's something live action can't do as well as 2D cartoon).

Right, I'll be back after Annecy and then I'll rumble on...

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