by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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 Like Brucey noticed on her blog, it's not much animation anymore, really.

So here: first it was supposed to be an illustration, but then I couldn't think of a way of putting this across in one image, it became half a comic strip, up to the point when I was: hell, I may as well just animate it, won't take long. Just one evening of amusing myself.

Anyway, another thing with this relentless drawing attempts of mine: I kind of got into this set of mind then I have to make at least one presentable artistic output thing (namely: a drawing, but not always) a day (fellow 'art outputers' would know what that means - an equivalent of when someone takes up jogging or yoga or something ridiculously healthy like giving up smoking*, absolute opposite of the usual bohemian self-destruction). That obviously leads to producing heaps of what I'd like to believe to be meaningful and interesting, but may in fact be just a mediocre crap. Here, on willanimateforwine tumblr, I shall store that crap away. This blog still goes, and it's still THE blog, for all my dodgy revelations and such (selected 'artistic output things' of better quality), like it was before.

Besides, I can't comprehend tumblr. Makes me dizzy,like a a granny sitting to check BBC news online with her grandson. Like, I know how to post things cos that's simple, but anything else, dearee-me, I'm out of there.

*chill, I'm not doing any of those.

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