by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
For the portfolio of my work visit:



Here's what I'm doing this August:

Rolling over and back again the map of US (very educational), animating dandelions on the moon, cutting out fairies and other things soon, drawing vicorian war trains, washing mountains of glass and pouring pints with the other hand till 5 in the morning. Unblocking sinks, cleaning sick, visiting embassies, coping with the festival traffic in Edinburgh, certainly not sleeping, not nearly as much as I'd want to. And on top of all this, the world is full of vicious people who peer pressure me to go for a drink.

One would have thought I'd be fine, but being in the ramming centre of town, and working in hospitality, I can't handle Edinburgh in August, I really can't. 

If I ever get out of here
thought of giving it all away
to a registered charity
all I need is a pint a day
if I ever get out of here.
If we ever get out of here.

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