by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
For the portfolio of my work visit:



 bits of stuff I've been doing when I'm actually being creative, bits of storyboard (although not in story order, they looked better re-arranged) I've been doing some time ago. Actual story is something I've been working on years ago, on my Foundation year at MMU, but I only got to develop it now:

perhaps that will get animated some time in the summer.

hopefully I could be putting more here. It's quite hard to do anything, I don't have a scanner, I don't have Internet, and too often I'm not in a fit state, and then I often can't even publish what I do anyway.

Party season, and going away places season had started. I'll do some happy things, I tell myself.  Life's either bleak and scary facing our insignificance, or it's strawberries, love and dances.
(and a bit of hang over following)

PS. Worker's Day. I totally didn't realise it's May already. I'm not here with the real world. (Nostalgia)

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