by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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little things, like tea, conversations you're forced to listen to in public transportation, time you spend waiting for things to render, shoelances. you've got to tie them, untie them, and they make shoes with fake shoelances already, saves you trouble. but it's that little trouble that makes this time i spend here My Life.

here's some pencil tests me and Will Anderson did for the train project so far, plus one colour sample at the end (the quality here's crap, but in general i'm pleased). the plan is to have the whole thing in pencil done by the end of April, and then colouring - as soon as possible (which could be a while). next week we're hopefully recording the proper vocals so we can have the animatic fixed.

I have found a sound designer, and - hopefully - a composer to do the soundtrack.

PS. my tutors are still doing well entertaining me, that's a recent one: "As everyone knows,animation is a moribund art form which only a fool would want to study - and only a bigger fool would want to teach." Mason, A. (2010)

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