by Leszczynska


I'm an artist and freelance animator living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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i don't remember being interested in storytelling at any point of my life. i wanted to be many things: the prime minister, a scientist, an antiques renovator, a teacher, a bartender. nothing to do with storytelling really. maybe because i've never could speak properly, in a literal and metaphorical sense.

i like walking with my eyes closed. i like listening to things, and feeling them. i do feel a little bit uncomfortable, sometimes, lost in the darkness. i'm not as worried about hitting something or falling over, as i am about other people. i'm scared of getting too close to someone accidentally.

i try to work on my next film, but Uni work, part time job and the lack of motivation in general get in my way alot. that's something to be changed.

i haven't mentioned, i got into 6th London Short Film Festival (8th – 17th January 2010, mine's on the 13th), as part of the "Trick of Light" screening. cool.

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  1. Lepiej przywiązywać się do ludzi nadmiernie niż być wyjebaką ;)

    A tak w ogóle to gratulejszyn! Film widziałam już jakiś czas temu i imho jest bardzo zajebisty. Oprawa graficzna świetnie pasuje do melancholijnej historii.
    Jesteś kul, Twój film idzie na festiwal!